Our clinic offers a written guarantee for all treatments performed.

  • crowns / bridges 3 years
  • inlay / onlay, fillings 3 years
  • partial / full denture 3 years
  • implants: lifetime warranty *

* material defect

About the warranty:

If, due to a dental technician’s or dentist’s error, there is a problem with the prepared restoration, our clinic undertakes to re-prepare the given work free of charge for the patient and with the least possible inconvenience.

If a problem occurs, the patient should report it to their dentist as soon as possible and appear for a personal checkup.

A check-up at least once every six months is mandatory for all patients, if the patient fails to do so, the warranty on the dental restoration made by OrionDental will be forfeited.

In the case of warranty treatment, OrionDental assumes the dental, laboratory and material costs incurred during the treatment, if the same dental work cannot be done again, it offers an alternative solution to the patient.

OrionDental is not responsible for any unforeseen root treatments and does not warrant this. In some cases, the preparation of a tooth for a crown / bridge / inlay may cause such a degree of trauma that root canal treatment may be required.

OrionDental does not warrant temporary dentures, temporary crowns / bridges and temporary fillings.

OrionDental cannot be held responsible for any problem that was not visible during the preparation of the restiration and could not be detected on imaging (X-ray / CT) devices, as in these cases the reactions of the patient’s body could not be foreseen. (for instance extended caries under a crown/bridge)

Warranty conditions:

  • the patient appears at least once every six months for a mandatory follow-up examination and at least once every six months for tartar removal
  • the patient follows the dentist’s instructions regarding the cleaning and care of the denture, maintains good oral hygiene
  • the use of the restoration is as intended, not subject to extreme chewing forces any repairs may only be carried out by OrionDental doctors, in case of correction by another doctor the warranty is void

The warranty is void:

  • the patient does not show up every six months at the mandatory follow-up examination and / or does not have tartar removal at least once every six months
  • the patient does not maintain adequate oral hygiene, does not properly clean the definitive restoration in case of sudden, extreme weight gain or weight loss malnutrition, excessive alcohol / drug use if the restoration is traumatized (eg accident)
  • in case of improper use of the denture (greater than physiological chewing force, extreme force effects)
  • the patient’s jawbone and gums start to atrophy
  • another dentist will perform the corrective treatment on the restoration made by OrionDental
  • a general illness that adversely affects the patient’s dental condition (diabetes, immunodeficiency, epilepsy, radiotherapy / chemotherapy, osteoporosis etc.)
  • the patient does not follow the dentist’s instructions regarding the cleaning and wearing of the denture (eg does not wear the night bite lifter)
  • in case of problems due to mental illness
  • the tooth needs root canal treatment due to previous treatments (e.g. finished crown)